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flowering meadow  | apartment in Moscow



hallway | suite of corridors | guest restroom | laundry


Already at the entrance to the apartment, we feel the wind, the smell of herbs, we can walk barefoot on the soft terrazzo, like on sand, which shimmers with fragments of shells and glass. Here, through the shadow of the overhanging tree crowns, we make our way to a lush flowering meadow filled with air and sunlight.

The entrance zone sets the tone, immerses you in the atmosphere. It is deliberately darkened in comparison with the main rooms - these meeting and passage rooms have different proportions - they are more elongated, the ceiling is lowered in them (behind which engineering communications are hidden - air flow, air conditioning, steam humidification), and also there is less natural light in them - therefore they are executed in a calmer deaf scale and bright shades that dominate in the main rooms are just emerging here: taking off outerwear we already out of the corner of our eye catch blotches of azure in the form of the base of table lamps, notice a spot of yellow lampshade, sitting on a bench, we notice bright azure spots translucent through the deaf upper layers of the upholstery and completely imperceptibly in this zone, the theme of red poppy appears - with small strokes in the lower layers of the picture and a thin thread in the edging of the curtains. All of these colors will be revealed on a larger scale in the main rooms.

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