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flowering meadow  | apartment in Moscow



children's bedrooms | children's hall | children's bathroom | media room


For children, two growing boys of 7 and 10 years old, a separate area with its own hall is allocated, from which you can get into two bedrooms and a children's bathroom.

In the children's hall there is a small gallery of family photographs and a library cabinet with children's books. Each bedroom has a sleeping and working area, storage space in the form of built-in shelving with drawers for toys and shelves for books, as well as built-in wardrobes. Custom-made banquets and beds also provide storage space.

At the time of filming the project, the family had already lived in the apartment for about two months. But practically no personal belongings had to be removed - for me this is a good sign - it is important that the life of the family merges organically with the space - so that for everything that, by definition, cannot decorate the interior and creates chaos, there is a place for hidden convenient storage. And so it happened in this project. All children's toys are conveniently located in boxes and special boxes. And what children are proud of and want to demonstrate - their crafts, paintings, favorite books and toys - are located on open surfaces. According to parents, children are happy to maintain this order.

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