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'house' or 'home'?

If the first is more about walls, floor, ceiling and openings, then the second is about comfort, family, friends and memories.

When house feels like home, it creates an endless platform for memories - there people's faces mix with objects against which they flash, the taste of food is directly associated with tactile memories - from table linen, cutlery, table surfaces. The cheek remembers the prickly and bottomless feather pillow and the subtle smell of crispy bed linen arises in the memory. Morning light in the room is the sensation of waking up and this special softness of diffused lighting. Voices of people. Music. The clinking of dishes in the kitchen. Intuitive and familiar movement through corridors and rooms. All these are important and at the same time insignificant points. Our life is sewn with such small colored stitches.

This is the basic feeling that drives me in my profession - creating a lifestyle.

For me, working on an interior is not a way of momentary self-expression - like an installation for a contemporary artist, for example. The result should not "scream" about me.


A good result for me is the interior, which in my professional language tells the story of the person for whom I work. The one that will become his personal story. 

Анна Павловская,

главный дизайнер и основатель студии


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