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"The Seasons" |  Apartment in Moscow



Private area:   d etskie bedroom, children's bathroom, seasonal closet, hallway, laundry room.


The left side of the apartment turned out to be private - here, along the three windows, there are three children's bedrooms, into which a corridor with bookshelves leads, in the same area there is a children's bathroom, a seasonal dressing room and a laundry room.  


The private part of the apartment, which is almost completely given over to children, conveys the mood of summer - there are just three children, like the summer months. Here all the accent colors sounded more sonorous, but the background for them was chosen the same, neutral, so that in the event of open doors the apartment would remain integral.


The windows of the children's rooms offer a beautiful view of the courtyard and the lake. Therefore, in the girl's room, we used window sills as additional seats.  


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