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apartment in Moscow | 173  sq m  



living room | canteen  |  kitchen

зима | гостиная, столовая, кухня

The living room is responsible for the winter mood. The windows of the room look to the northeast and the sun does not look here often, so the shades are cool, here all the colors seem to be powdered with snow.

Снимок экрана 2019-04-10 в 21.06.21.png

This room has combined a recreation area and a dining area, and it is visually connected to the kitchen by means of two openings without doors and an interior window.



It was decided to isolate the kitchen from the living room, while visually not breaking these two zones. Otherwise, the distance from the sofa to the kitchen work surface would be too small and it would be simply impossible to combine relaxation in the living room and cooking in the kitchen. At the same time, the hostess is very fond of cooking and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it was necessary to reunite her with her family. The solution in the form of a window in the wall between the kitchen and the living room came about by itself. Glass, in terms of texture, also helped us refract light a little and add depth.

Снимок экрана 2019-04-10 в 21.08.29.png

The bay window is visually separated from the seating area by changing the material on the floor and decorative wool curtains. The floor, as in the kitchen, is made of polished marble. Aged mirrors replace the missing third window and add light, volume and texture to this area.


Two openings leading to the kitchen were located on the sides of the window - they, like the window, eased the blank wall and added a sense of height, and also helped to build a logical and convenient movement from the living room to the kitchen and from the kitchen, bypassing the sofa area to the dining area located in the bay window.


осень | прихожая, гостевая уборная


hallway | guest restroom

The entrance zone, in autumn, like a cashmere coat, is designed to "hug" and invite into the house. Here the whole basic palette of natural colors is set, which is spread further throughout the apartment - shades of amber, green, sky blue, red. All of these colors are found in every room, but they appear in a variety of tone variations, in accordance with how they are transformed in nature with the change of seasons.  


Two mirrored passages lead from the lobby to the private area and to the front area. Private part of the apartment  can be insulated with a sliding door, and if you open it, we get a suite that connects the two halves of the apartment.


Two small transitions solved the planning problem and became also part of the philosophy of this project called "The Seasons". The transitions helped to bring about a smooth change of color and finishing materials between rooms, each of which carries the mood of different seasons. 


The center of the apartment, which houses the entrance area,  also contained all the remaining utility rooms -  a laundry room, a seasonal dressing room. It was in the utility rooms that we managed to place technical communications, a built-in air conditioning and ventilation system, without affecting the height of the ceilings in the main rooms.


весна | мастер-спальня, гардеробная, санузел


master bedroom | dressing room | bathroom


There is a separate private area for the master bedroom, dressing room and bathroom; you can get into it through a hidden door in the living room. Spring is blooming in the bedroom.




A secret door from the living room leads to the owner's private area. This zone combines the master's bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. There is a small workplace on the attached balcony.



The task of increasing storage space was solved, among other things, with the help of built-in wardrobes that form a niche for the bed - together with a separate dressing room, there was a lot of storage space.


In the photo on the right, we see the passage from the bedroom to the bathroom, through the dressing room. The dressing room is built with the letter "P" and is fenced off from the aisle by woolen curtains.

The shower room, as well as a spacious built-in wardrobe for bath accessories, remained behind the scenes. There is a mosaic of marble on the floor, the walls are partly tiled with English clay tiles with craquelure, partly painted with moisture-resistant paint.

лето | детские спальни, санузел


children's bedrooms  | children's bathroom

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