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blooming meadow | apartment in Moscow

200 sq m


The apartment was created for a married couple with two growing up sons (7 and 10 years old) and their big dog.


The planning solution always consists of many factors - the shape of the apartment, the location and size of the windows, the height between the floors, the chosen architectural style and, of course, based on  from the family lifestyle. As clear wishes expressed were: a separate kitchen, separate children's bedrooms and an additional common room for games / recreation / sports, which in the future can be transformed into an additional bedroom; it was also necessary to provide facilities for caring for the dog - a place where it can be fed, washed after a walk.

The space of the apartment is designed according to the classical canons - along the axes, taking into account the movement towards the light and with a clear division of the premises according to their functions.  


In the layout, we have identified a public area and a private one in the back of the apartment.  


The public area combined an entrance hall with built-in storage systems and a separate seasonal dressing room, a guest toilet, a walk-through kitchen, a dining room and a living room. A roundabout is organized through the walk-through kitchen. This allows the owners to more conveniently build their routes (especially when receiving guests) and thus there is access to the kitchen (with food) or from the kitchen (for example, with garbage) not through the front rooms, but through the hallway.


Private rooms are located at the back of the apartment.  There is a separate area for children with its own small hall from which access is organized to the children's bathroom and two children's bedrooms, as well as an adult area, which houses the master bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. Also in this part of the apartment there is a media room for sports, outdoor activities for children, watching movies and watching the sunsets.

The layout includes many well-thought-out built-in storage systems, which are the form-building frame of the premises and are not perceived as separate bulky pieces of furniture.


The difficulty in planning the space was, as is often the case, in the placement of engineering systems. The house does not provide for general ventilation at the proper level. We have equipped the apartment with a ventilation system, air conditioning and steam humidification systems. We managed to do all this without affecting the height of the ceilings in the main rooms.


Otherwise, planning this space was a sheer pleasure - initially good contours of the apartment, proportions, the presence of large panoramic windows facing opposite sides, thanks to which natural light penetrates the apartment and reaches its very center and as a result partially illuminates even the inner corridors and halls. 

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